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One Last Foody Post–And Some Science

I realize this memoir has featured a great deal of food recently.  It is, without doubt, the Eating Season.  I pray you will permit one last post about food.

You see, I have accompanied the male to a boardgaming convention.  The food here is very, very different from what we’ve enjoyed in the last couple of weeks.  For certain, no one is doing any cooking!  Meals are grabbed catch-as-catch-can between rousing rounds of Legacy of Son of Small Furry Creatures of Catan, Apples to Oranges, or Screw It, Mars Is Too Cold, Let’s Just Terraform Utah.

I have found for the human male, one of whose hobbies is eating strange flavors of potato chips whenever he can find them, this new variety to try.

con-awful chips

I have learned some science from the human female.  I know how important replication of testing procedures is.  Therefore, I have insisted that everyone at the table has to sample these.  (Except me.  I am the “impartial” observer.”)

…crunch, crunch, crunch…

My hypothesis was correct, and the results are conclusive–these things are terrible!  Ehehehehehe!  You should see the faces you all are making!  Those will be Figure 2.1 in the paper I’m getting out of this.

Now everyone is looking for something to take the taste out of their mouths.  One of them has suggested partaking of these Propitiatory Chocolates packaged especially for convention goers:


Niche market stuff…

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