uh oh power tools

Beware! The Human Female is About to Be Handy!

Thor’s bitty ballpeen!  Everyone stand back!  The human female proposes to do things with power tools!

It all started with one of the new lab exercises. The professor wants the students to study bunches upon tons of manies of tiny seedlings on plates to study inheritance patterns in blue jeans.  (I think that’s what she said.)  All those plates will need to sit up on edge while the seedlings grow, so he suggested these:


Neat and clean, but pricey in the quantities that will be needed.  The human female and one of her techs propose, therefore, to do a little carpentry.

They have a plan:


And a prototype:

arabidopsis racks3

Turns out that if you space the pegs out just so, the plates will lean at the appropriate angle and the holes need not be drilled on a slant.  Pity.  I was looking forward to wonky pegs.

The tech is going to have the boards for the bases cut by the lumber yard and is going to use the Instrument Shop’s drill press for making all of the holes.  The human female has volunteered to use the Shop’s big bandsaw  to cut all of the pegs from dowels.

Hmm.  To help or not to meddle help?  On the one hand, projects like this offer almost limitless opportunity for mischief, from binding the wood in the saw, making the saw overheat, and throwing sawdust everywhere, to doling out migraines to go with the loud NNNNNNYEEEARRRRRRRR of the saw, not to mention the messy glue that will be involved later.  Fourteen pegs per rack, one rack per section, forty sections plus a few racks for stock plates—we could be talking real carnage here.

On the other hand, the human female has demonstrated that, given edged tools, she is more than capable of creating the necessity for one of these all by her little lonesome.

need for kitchen

If nothing else, I shall tag along to watch…

(to be continued…)

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