“wardrobe” is too dignified a word for the motley assemblage of garments this woman owns

‘Tis Better To Give Than To Receive…Not

The human female has been a busy little bee, going through the closet and all her drawers, sorting out her wardrobe.  There are all the garments she loves and wears regularly (boring), the items she’d like to wear but can’t get into anymore (*cough* toomanycookies *cough*), the things she’d wear if they were mended (#lazy), a few things that are so worn they are fit only for the rubbish (this category overlaps with the favorites to no small degree), and the clothes she wants to donate to a charity.  (I don’t think the poor are going to want some of them!)

The mending pile is huge. (I may have helped pop a few seams and wrench off a few buttons…)   The give-away pile is even bigger!


Hmm. Now that I think about it… My old cloak is looking rather shabby.  Frayed around the edges, and there’s that white stain that Sigyn hasn’t been able to get out…


I could donate tha—   Wait.  What am I thinking?!  Loki, God of Greedy Mischief, does not give anything away!  Nope.  I’m keeping this old cloak for all the sweaty, muddy, prickly rambles the human female drags me on.  The poor will just have to find their own green cloaks.

>|: [