we all WISH it were a dry heat

It’s Going to be Hot Whether You Cook or Not

“It’s too hot to cook!”  That is the refrain to the Song of Summer in this part of Midgard.  With temperatures not only flirting with but downright engaging in intimate congress with triple digits*, no one wants to slave over a hot stove.  The restaurants are doing a thriving business, feeding weary customers who shamble in, noodle-limp, completely overcome by the heat and humidity of the three-minute walk from the parking lot.  Dine in or take away, as long as no one has to expend any effort.

Thus, Chinese take-out.  The humans are relieved, as now they can sit in the cool of the living room, in their comfy clothes, and shovel it all in.

But because I’ve read that denizens of hot countries should eat food rife with spice to induce cooling sweat, and because she forgot my shrimp with lobster sauce AGAIN, I’ve arranged a little Scovillicious surprise for the human female’s usually mild tofu-with-vegetables.



Those are just the peppers she found

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