we got a hot crustacean band

Where Shall We Dine?

Half the fun of any vacation is getting to try new things. Last year we discovered a quaint little crêperie that we both enjoyed; maybe we’ll strike it lucky again. Come, my love, the weather is pleasantly chilly, perfect for a walk. Now that we are all settled in our kitschy cabin, let us go forth and seek sustenance!

I do not remember these weird trees in the neighborhood last year.

If the human female were here, she could probably identify it for us. Alas! We shall have to remain inignorance because she’s not here and that’s how I like it! No doubt it’s just some strange horticultural hybrid of Pinus strobus and Mentha x piperita.

What do you think about seafood for dinner, Sigyn? It’s been a while since we had any really good shellfish.

And if you keep befriending the crustaceans and dancing with them, it is going to be a while longer. Sigh. We shall keep looking.

How about this place?

An international cheese shop! Midgard may have its sucky bits, but it stands out among all the Nine Realms as having the best cheese. We could get some raclette, all melty and gooey over French bread, or some thousand-day Gouda, full of those marvelous little flavor crystals. What do you think? Stay here and stuff ourselves with graskaas or keep looking?

Oh, now this is promising.

I do love a good bratwurst, all plump and bursty when you bite into it, and nothing beats a tall, cold pint of something dark and hoppy-bitter.

I know! Let us purchase the beer and sausages, then retrace our steps past the cheese shop and buy an assortment of cheeses to go with it. Perhaps we can come up with some fruit and have a proper little picnic on the front porch of our cottage. I have never had a winter picnic with flamingoes before. It will be a new experience, which is what this vacation is all about!

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