well it worked–the cats did not eat them

Oh, The Carnage!

You’ll recall that the human female made bacon rolls whilst her mother and sister (she of the similar high-pitched shrieky laughter) were visiting.  The visiting family have been un-fetched, safely delivered to the airport in the Big City to the West.  The humans are now left with an empty-seeming house, a blessed silence that seems to ring in my ears, and a quantity of leftovers.

You wouldn’t think that there would be bacon rolls left over, seeing as how those amazing hand-held rounds of gustatory glory tend to vanish like good intentions, but there were actually two remainders.  They, in their zip-locked Bag of Freshness were stored in the cold oven to keep marauding felines from feasting on such rarefied fare.

The past four days have been one continuous eating frenzy of feasting both at home and in sundry eateries. The human male and female are opting tonight for simple fare  The female is arranging some toppings on a rising-crust pizza.  I have suggested that the male helpfully set the oven to pre-heat at 400° F.

Oh, dear.

The human female has rushed to the rescue, but alas! The burnt offering has been made…

slaggedrolls1 - Copy

…and the kitchen deities are jealous of their sacrifices.

Oh, dear. 

slaggedrolls2 - Copy

Plastic-coated meteorites, anyone?

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