what is the cubic volume of a honda?


The human female orders things.  They come.  Mostly, they come in boxes.


But every now and then, we get some recursive box-in-box scenario that tickles my sense of the ridiculous.

See these two enormous boxes?


Know what’s in them?

Smaller boxes:

Image result for lockable metal box mcshane

The human female and her staff are going to put them in the lab rooms.  The idea is that if they load them up with clean goggles and leave the key where the teaching assistants can find it, the TAs can just dole out clean goggles and not have to call on the walkie talkies for someone to bring some.  But anyway, boxes.

Now look back up there.  See the small box on the enormous box, the one I’m standing on?  That’s the hardware for hanging the metal boxes.

Want to guess how the metal boxes are shipped?

Full of little, boxy styrofoam bits.


The human female ordered ten of those white metal boxes, and they’re all  similarly stuffed.  I now have quite a lot of these…  What shall I do with them?

I’m thinking of filling up her car…

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