what the heck is a worklet?

By All Means, Let Us Commence With Obfuscation

Back at work!  The human female has been away from her desk for so long, I doubt she remembers how to do anything.

Perhaps her email will offer her some guidance.


Well, that’s not much help.  Let’s try another…

email nonsense

Eehehehehe!  I think about half of that may be English, but I’m not sure.  Not even Allspeak can make any sense of it.

I have planned another little gift for her, the human male, and aaaalll the other employees of the university.  A brand new, all-encompassing human resources software suite!  Gone is the old, easy-to-use portal that everyone liked.  Behold the colorful, super “friendly” replacement interface!


It’s a new system, with things called “worklets” and all sorts of menus and drop-down lists.  It’s twice as complicated as the old system and all employees have been told they are just going to adore it.  There are things it doesn’t do that the old one did, and what it does do, it muddles beautifully.  This is going to be JUST as good as BAMN!  I can’t wait until the human female has to do her first leave with it.

People are already calling it Work D’oh!

>|: [