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Whirlwind Getaway, Day 3, Part One: Critters Galore, Most of Them Looking Decidedly Melty

What a difference a day makes!  A cold front blew through last night, it rained, and it is pleasantly cool and overcast outside.  This calls for a warm breakfast.


Sigyn’s enthusiastic, but I’m not entirely convinced that those are real eggs.  Or at least not real chicken eggs.  Has anybody checked to see if there are unexplained lizards in the kitchen?

Speaking of lizards, that’s what’s on the menu for today in another way.  The humans had considered visiting another art museum this morning and, in fact, they were on the way there, when the pleasant weather changed their minds and they diverted to the Zoo instead.

It is a very fancy zoo, with lush vegetation and quite a few sculptures.  Sigyn’s not very brave around large live lizards, but this bronze one is probably harmless.


Still, I’m not sure I like the look in his beady enamel eye…  First sign of a forked tongue darting out at my beloved, you brazen monitor, and you get a Gungnir-poke in the snoot.

Small, bright-eyed, curious, terminally perky, squeaky-voiced, and cute as all get out:


That describes either the meerkat or the person looking at the meerkat.  In fact, can we even be sure from that photo who’s on what side of the enclosure glass?

Here’s another sculpture.  Judging from the shine, this bashful, pint-sized pachyderm gets patted by hundreds of people every day.


But I doubt many of the people who pose for photos with him sit on his head.

I want to see some live animals.  Proper big ones, too, not little members of the Herpestidae.

This will do, though it seems a little under-inflated.


My working theory is that they had it inflated for warmer weather and, now that it’s colder, the air inside has contracted, leading to this general air of floppiness.  Does anyone have a pump?

The zoo keeps two rhinoceros.  Rhinoceroses? Rhinoceri?  Both have chosen to emulate large, wrinkled bath toys today.


Lions are supposed to be strong, noble, and powerful.  These lions, however, appear flaccid, ineffective, and as harmless as two under-stuffed sofa pillows.  Mid-morning is rather early in the day to be taking an afternoon nap, gentlemen.

Perhaps they have been hunting all night and are weary.  (Have zoo staff counted the antelopes this morning?)


Perhaps they are bored.  Perhaps they need something constructive to do.


Surely there’s a library or something somewhere they could be guarding.  Or a movie they could be announcing.  If they only had the nerve.

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