when cherries are scarce you make do

Aaaaand… That’s the Last of It

The Yule season, with all the attendant fanfare, folderol, and feasting.  You’d think, with her love of the season, that the human female would make sure she was ready for it.  Ha!  Ready she is not.

Oh, the presents have been made or bought and mailed, the cards have gone out, and there are vague plans for a feast, but the house needs a good shake-down, nothing is decorated, and there are bits and pieces of previous festivities all around.  The All Hallows pumpkin is still on the front porch.  I believe her plan is to put a santa hat on it and call it good.

And look, Sigyn!  The very last dregs of the All-Hallows sweets!  Since I saw to it that it absolutely poured rain on the day (so the human female couldn’t show off her costume), the humans gave away nary a piece and have eaten it all themselves.  All except this bit.


And look!  It’s a twin!  Conjoined sweetmeats!  There’s only one thing to do…


1…2…3… Pull!

>|: [