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Let Us Open Some Windows and Let in Some Fresh. . . Mischief

The human male has been working very, very hard lately.  I make computer mischief, he sorts it out.  I make more mischief, he drags himself to the next machine and deals with that one too.  Most of these computers where the humans work have made the move to something called “Windows TEN.”

I guess I have not yet mentioned here that I’ve diversified my mischief a bit.  The mortals all seem to eat, breathe, sleep, and spend every other moment of their pitiful lives interacting with their electronic devices and computational machines.  If I can bring them to their knees using that fact to my advantage, I will certainly do so.  Thus, I have been doing some coding  of my own on the side–moonlighting mischief, as it were—and I sneaked a good few “surprises” into this new TEN.

I don’t want the mortals to suspect, though, so I have made sure that each new boot-up displays this completely non-alarming message:


Sigyn thinks that means I’m going to make sure that all the computers get a screensaver of cute puppies and kittens.

Shh!  Do not tell her that, instead of baby animals, this TEN is why the human female’s email at work will look weird and her computer will no longer recognizes her scanner, why all the lab computers will have to be either replaced or wiped and reloaded, why all the new computers for Anatomy and Physiology will come with their hard drives helpfully pre-encrypted so that trying to make one program profile and copying it to all the machines that have to be alike will get classified as “using pirated software” and the human male will have to spend a whole weekend fighting with them, and why nothing will work the way it used to–at all, at all, at all.  Ehehehehe!  If it can be changed, slowed down, made obsolete, or just plain broken, it will be

TEN, of course, stands for Totally Extremely Naughty.  

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