while the iron’s out i should touch up my cape

I Have a Bad Feeling About This… Part II: Of Stitching and Smoothing

The human female has very carefully and neatly embroidered some of the designs from the fabric.  I helped her scan, enlarge, print, and trace them.


Which is why this fellow is backwards.  Ehehehehe.

Let us examine the back of one of her stitcheries.


Look!  Look at that big messy loop of thread.  Well done, you.

All of the fabric needs to be ironed before it can be cut.


Careful, Sigyn!  The iron is not only hot, it’s wobbly.   

Also, I taught the cats to jump up on the ironing board.

The human female uses this stuff to make the fabric nice and smooth.


Despite what the label says, it’s not magic.  Now, if it turned the fabric purple, or better yet, green when she sprayed it on, that would be magic.  Hmmm…

She was nearly out, so she asked the human male to pick up some while he was running errands.  He obliged.


So, of course, the first thing I did upon receipt was joggle her elbow so she knocked the new can over and smashed the cap.

She’ll be finding blue cap shrapnel for weeks.

>|: [