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To Market, To Market (Sigyn Speaks)

It’s a lovely day, nice and cool, so I am volunteering to walk to the market for a few odds and ends.  Fisi, would you like to come too?  Loki is busy working on something and would just as soon not be disturbed.  If you come with me, he won’t worry for my safety.

What a good hyena! You’re such a big help!


Humpty tum, humpty tum.

And home we go, jiggidy jig!


Gracious!  I didn’t mean to buy so much, but I can never resist a shiny apple.


Oh, no!  I seem to be leaving a trail!  I’m glad it wasn’t the apples!  I’d better pick it all up quickly.   The lovely day is suddenly looking glowery and boomy and it’s starting to sprinkle!


“Pardon me, ma’am.  Do you need some help?”


(to be continued)

: )