who needs a Doctor when you have a god

Help Wanted, Part X: An Unexpected Ninth Encounter

Hiring minions has turned out to be much harder than I thought. I think I will just keep some of the applicants’ contact info on file and call them up if and when I need help on a project. It’s nice to be finished with all the interviews, isn’t it Sigyn?

Odin’s eyepatch! Someone’s at the door? I was hoping for some peace and quiet.

I don’t recognize the fellow, but I have a bad feeling about this…


"You are not a fellow Dalek! Exterminate!"

"Stop right there, you bucket of bolts! I am a god! One more inch and you will be the one exterminated!"


"You and what army?"


"Oh . Sigyn–stick close!"

"Loki, The red one is coming at me! Do something!"


"Keep your eye on it, and watch out for the plunger while I summon my magic!"

"Loki! I…It isn’t acting as angry as the others. I…I think it might want to be friends…"


"No, Sigyn! Don’t trust it!"


"Sigyn, hit the floor! NOW!"


Yes! That was brilliant!


When all of those evil pepper-mills powered up to fire, I quickly calculated that they were positioned in such a way as to very neatly shoot one another. They may be part of some merciless, implacable hive mind, but it’s a feeble, stupid little hive mind.

I think I’ll call that crazy raccoon back up and see what he’ll pay for some of these parts.

>|: [