These Trips Get Shorter and Shorter, Part III: A Colorful Finish

The humans usually finish one of these jaunts with a trip to the Large Market, and today is no exception.

The plantings in front of the market are enjoying one last bit of warm weather before things turn colder.

CM-Octobre 2019-1

The human female has, of course, headed straight for the apples.  Kanzi is one of her favorites.


What?  You don’t like this one with the special dimple?  Snob, that’s what you are.

What Lovecraftian nightmare is this?!  Sigyn!  Get out of there!

CM-Octobre 2019-2

Oh.  Right.  I do remember this “beast.”  It’s just a harmless buddha’s hand.

The floral section is a lot less alarming.

CM-Octobre 2019-4

What are those spiky silvery-blue ones?  I like them.

Sigyn likes these red and yellow ones.

CM-Octobre 2019-3

But I think the zinnias are her favorites.


Ah, my petal–you are the prettiest thing here.

>|: [

Revenge of the Flora, Part 1


In the grand tradition of MARVELous summer movies, You Must Be This Tall To Take Over the Planet is running a summer blockbuster, complete with an all-star cast and non-stop action.  The adventure begins here and will continue until early August.  Don’t forget to stick around for the end-credits, behind-the-scenes, and the blooper reel!


It’s a lovely summer day, and I’m waiting for my friend Muffy.   We’re supposed to look at some seed catalogs.  She’s going to help me pick out some things the human female and I could plant around the house.  I know, I know–it’s really too hot to be planting things right now, but a girl can dream, can’t she?


“Hi, Muffy!  It’s so good to see you.  How are things down at The Sugar Dojo?”

“Hey, Sigyn.  Thanks for having me over.  The dojo’s doing fine, but I think I’m ready for a little break.”

“Well, come on in.  I’ve made us a little snack so we can munch while we look through the catalogs.”

2-have a snack

“Mmmm! Chocolate chip!  My favorite!”

“Try the shortbread with the cherries.  They’re good too.”


“What do you think about zinnias, Muffy?  The human female likes them, though she hasn’t had a lot of luck with them.  But the butterflies like them and they’re certainly very showy.”

“I don’t know about the green ones, though. They’re just weird.”

“I know.  Maybe just stick to pink and red and orange.”


“Or she could try some nasturtiums.”

“She likes nasturtiums!  I think she tried those once, too, and they didn’t do so well. ”


“And they have the added bonus that if you get sick of them, you can eat them…”

“I looked in the fridge, and the human female has some seeds she’s been saving.  She’s had some success with morning glories, so I’m not sure why she hasn’t planted them.”


“Red, white, and blue.  Very patriotic.”

“She has four o’clocks, too.  Hee hee hee–I’ve always thought the seeds look like teeny little hand grenades.  She hasn’t planted those, either.”


“Did she plant the hollyhocks, at least?”

“No.  I think she’s discouraged–it’s hot and she doesn’t have a lot of time, we have awful soil, and her poor foot has kept her out of the garden a lot lately.”

“Oh, well.  It’s fun to think about, anyway.”

“I know!  We could go to the nursery and buy some potting soil and fertilizer and seed trays and help her out.”

“Sounds like a plan–let’s go!”

(to be continued)